We've compiled a list of the top 5 best ophthalmic perimeters available in 2024.

Most eye care practitioners don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about visual field options. 

At one time, the HFA, now owned and sold by Carl Zeiss Meditec, was essentially the only game in town…nowadays there are some great HFA alternatives available.

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the top 5 best Perimeter options for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists available in the United States.

Optopol PTS 2000 Projection Perimeter - $22,950

The PTS 2000 was released in the USA only four years ago.

Manufactured by OPTOPOL Technologies, based in Poland, it is the top-of-the-line perimeter for managing and viewing progression of ocular diseases.

OPTOPOL may be new to some in the USA, but has been manufacturing perimeters since 2001 and has over 6,500 placed around the world.

The PTS 2000 provides all the tools needed to detect and diagnose Glaucoma, AMD, scotomas, and other visual field defects. 

It has all the best features of the HFA 860, without the steep price tag.



  • Full featured LED based modular system with best price

  • Includes all the best features of both HFA and Octopus - including ZETA and TOP threshold strategies

  • Windows 10 Pro based system provides security and ease of networking

  • Two-year warranty included

  • Import old HFA database

  • Only became available in the USA in 2017

  • No Liquid Liquid Lens™ option

  • Smaller company is not as well known in the USA

Zeiss HFA Model 860 - $33,000

The HFA carved out its place as the “industry standard” for automated perimetry several years ago, and it still holds that reputation. 

The 860 is the latest Zeiss Meditec iteration of the Humphrey Field Analyzer.

There are several other models available with fewer features at lower costs (HFA model 830, 840, 850).

The HFA 860 features the upgraded Liquid Lenstechnology for the top-end model, but the automatic refraction currently does not correct for cylindrical error.



  • Developed SITA Standard as leading thresholding algorithm

  • Seen as the industry standard for automated perimetry

  • Improved user interface from older HFA Windows Embedded models

  • Provides Guided Progression Analysis™ without need for new baseline from older HFA

  • Liquid Lens™ technology

  • Premium pricetag

  • Unibody design is more costly to maintain and upgrade

  • Large company with higher service costs

  • 1-Year Warranty plus service requires service plans

Haag-Streit Octopus 900 Pro - $35,500

The Octopus 900 Pro is manufactured in Europe by Haag-Streit and is offered through various distributors in the U.S. market. 

Octopus was the first to automate the Goldmann perimeter back in the early 80’s.

The Octopus 900 Pro is their latest top-of-the-line entry into the eye care diagnostic market.

Unfortunately for HS, the Octopus 900 is not regarded as the industry standard compared to Zeiss’s HFA. 

Octopus has introduced several innovations including the faster TOPS testing strategy, Cluster Analysis for glaucoma, multiple fixation integrity checks, etc.



  • More affordable than HFA

  • Windows 10 Pro based system

  • First to automate Kinetic perimetry based on Goldmann bowls

  • A small price difference isn't enough to sway most HFA users

  • Non-exclusive distribution in the USA equates to poor product knowledge compared to direct sales

  • Only provides TOP threshold strategy no Bayesian based algorithm

Optopol PTS 925Wi - $14,950

The PTS 925W was released in 2015

As with the PTS 2000, the 925W is a modular based system running on the same software as the PTS 2000 with many of the same features. 

The OPTOPOL PTS 925W is a “hybrid” of sorts because it offers testing outside of the central 30 degrees.

It also includes superior ptosis testing, as well as progression analysis and other features that would make it a primary perimeter in many practices.



  • Excellent value based on features offered

  • Import old HFA database

  • Windows 10 Pro based system provides security and ease of networking

  • Able to test outside of the 30° range up to 170° with fixation shift (allows for Ptosis screening)

  • Two-year warranty included

  • Smaller company is not as well known in the USA

  • Embedded LED based perimeter

  • No Kinetic testing - only Static

  • Many choose the PTS 2000 over the 925Wi based on price difference and features offered

Haag-Streit Octopus 600 Pro - $16,155

Octopus offers another innovative product in the Model 600, which has evolved over several product generations.

In the most recent model, they offer a more compact alternative for smaller practices.

This unit does not employ a traditional Goldmann bowl-based design. 

Without a bowl or projection-based operation, the Octopus 600 Pro perimeter is often overlooked. 



  • Decent value for those looking for a 30-degree perimeter with a midrange price

  • Innovative design with a small space-saving footprint

  • Implements proprietary trial lenses that are tucked inside the housing

  • Limited to the central 30 degrees

  • Unable to perform Ptosis screening tests

  • Non-exclusive distribution in the USA equates to poor product knowledge compared to direct sales

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