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The PTS 925W and PTS 2000 both run on the same great software. Install the full software on unlimited review stations with the included USB drive.

The PTS 2000 is our top of the line Automated Projection Perimeter, with the latest in visual field testing standards. Utilizing the most advanced testing techniques available, the PTS 2000 provides fast testing strategies, customizable patterns, kinetic testing and all Goldmann stimuli sizes

The PTS 925W is our small but powerful Automated Perimeter, with more features than you would expect. This unit shares most of the same great features of the PTS 2000. Unlike most space-saving perimeters, the PTS 925W allows peripheral testing outside the central 30 degrees.

New 24-2C pattern now available.

Capture 10 additional central field locations with the new 24-2C pattern. 

Voice Guide Instructions

Let our voice guide provide instructions for the patient during an exam. In 12 different languages.

Reduce eye strain in the dark with Dark Mode software.

Light or Dark Mode?

Switch between dark and light view. Reduce eye strain during testing in a darkened room.

Kinetic Testing

Perform automated or semi-automated Kinetic perimetry with the PTS 2000. 

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BluGlow™ light band technology

BluGlow™ light band provides a minimal ambient light to the darkened testing area, providing operator and patient with the ability to navigate their surroundings.

Satellite office ready

Both our perimeters use the same great software. Perfect for seamless training across satellite offices.

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