In the midst of this global pandemic, Eye Care Professionals have to adapt to the “new normal.” Patients and staff need to feel safe, especially during examinations. For the most part, manufacturers are being helpful in advising on the best ways to avoid any potential disease transmission. 

So, what about perimetry? 

As you are probably already aware, the Humphrey Field Analyzer was designed many years ago. The original design remains basically the same, all is housed into one box, with a touch screen attached inches away from the patient. Of course, this is not ideal proximity for virus safety. As you can see below, the solution places plastic shields attached to the HFA to provide a layer of protection.


It works, but it’s a bit clunky and exposes the downside of an all-in-one device without the flexibility of an external PC. (Zeiss also offers advice on a remote set up, but it involves removing the back of the unit, buying another keyboard, monitor, and cables, etc.)

Socially Distanced Testing.

Optopol perimeters come “COVID-Ready.” Why? Because they utilize a more modern solution than the HFA. Using Windows 10 PRO on our mini-PC, a feature called “Remote Desktop” is a click away. After a one-time 5 minute set up, you can access and run the Optopol perimeter from any networked computer in your office, just plug in your user name and password and go. (No, we do not charge extra for review station software).

The OPTOPOL operator below is using Remote Desktop to run an exam with the patient in the next room

Cleaning the Bowl.

  • Use a damp cloth and a cleaning agent suitable for the cleaning of glass.
  • Cleansers used for instrument cleaning should be fully transparent and colorless. 
  • Make sure no water gets into the interior of the instrument. Never spray cleaning agent inside the instrument directly onto the bowl surface.

Cleaning the Application Parts.

  • The PTS 920/925/2000 series perimeter bowl application parts (chin rest, forehead support, and response button) should be disinfected after each test. 

If you are ready to take a look at the most modern perimeter technology available, we would love to take a few minutes to conduct a demonstration of our software. You will be glad you did!

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