Reviewing Results and Analysis of Perimetry Exam

  1. Select Patient to Review.
  2. Click on the ‘Results’ Tab.
  3. Click on any of the displayed 4 Tiles to select.
  4. Click the ‘Enlarge’ icon in the top right corner of a tile to enlarge to fullscreen. Click again to return to normal size.
  5. Click the ‘Display Options’ button to show view options. Change both Analysis and Presentation style.
  6. In 3D view, left-click and drag to rotate 3D model.
  7. Under ‘Display Options’ choose Bebie or GHT (Glaucoma Hemifield Test) to provide additional analysis.
  8. To view previous exams taken by this current patient, click through dates in the exam list on the left.
  9. To filter previous exams list, click ‘Options’ button next to the print icon. Filter by Strategy/Field/Eye.
  10. Under the ‘Options’ button, there are also options to Import Exam from XML, Export Exam to XML, or Delete selected Exam.
  11. Click ‘Print’ icon to view HFA-style printout. Use the scroll-wheel to zoom in or out. Left-click and drag to scroll through the page.
  12. Change report style on left side of window – choose between HFA, HFA + GHT, HFA + Bebie. Defaults can be changed in software settings.
  13. Add Practice logo and contact information to your reports from the software settings.
  14. To view Progression data, click ‘Progression’ tab in top left of window.
  15. Select Exam in list to highlight with a blue border around the exam shown to the right.
  16. Right-Click on an exam in list to Set as Current exam, Set as baseline exam, or to Reject (in case of unreliable data).
  17. Click the ‘Print’ icon to view/print/export Progression report.

Instructions to review Results and Analysis of Perimetry Exam #

1. Click the Patients Tab in the PTS Perimetry Software Screen.

2. Click to select the desired Patient for review in the Patient List.

3. Click on the desired Exam for review in the Exam List.

4. Click the Results Tab.

1. Make sure the desired exam for review is selected.

2. Choose desired view: (Single Result, Progression, or Comparison)