Performing Follow-Up Static Perimetry Exam

A follow-up exam can reduce test time by using previously tested levels for each stimulus point.

Instructions to begin Follow-up exam #

PTS Software Screen.

1. Click the Patients Tab in the PTS Perimetry Software screen.

2. Click to select the desired Patient for testing in the Patient List.

3. Right-Click the source test in the Exam List and choose Follow-up Test.

Examination Screen with Follow-Up Action window.

1. Click the Start button.

2. The Follow-up Action window appears.

Follow-up Action Window choices for stimulus brightness starting levels.

1. Standard – Results from the source test will not be used. As a default, only the calibration level from the source test will be set as the calibration level in the follow-up test. The test will use settings as if a baseline test was being performed.

2. Initial levels – The follow-up exam will use the previous source test results as the initial stimuli levels. If any test results are missing, the field points are marked with an asterisk (*), and the initial stimuli levels will be calculated from the calibration points.

It is recommended to choose Initial Levels over Standard, as the test time will be reduced when compared to the baseline exam time.